Randy Rainbow Is Scared Sick Over Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

The only thing worse than a national emergency is a national emergency during a Trump presidency.

It’s not easy to stay calm during a pandemic resulting in a national emergency, and damn near impossible when President Trump and Vice President Pence are at the helm.

It’s enough to make you develop all sorts of symptoms, even if you don’t have coronavirus, which is where our favorite singing pundit Randy Rainbow finds himself in his latest parody video.

Set to “Adelaide’s Lament” from Guys & Dolls, Rainbow calls out Trump for saying COVID-19 is a Democratic “hoax,” putting Pence in charge, of all people, and his concern for his reelection campaign over the health of his fellow Americans. With this opposite of a Dream Team in charge, it’s easy to fear the worst.

Rainbow is all of us as he compulsively washes his hands, obsessively googles symptoms, and tries to take his mind off it all with bad TV, only to be interrupted by yet more frightening news blowing up his phone. At least we have artists like Rainbow to provide some levity during these dark times.

Journalist, editor, and artist.