Randy Rainbow Takes on Omarosa in New Video

"Omarosa, you're a mess, but I'm not mad you're here."

Omarosa is out peddling her new book, Unhinged, giving her take on President Trump, and slow-drip releasing audio she secretly recorded during her time working in the administration.

Randy Rainbow, everyone’s favorite comedic, singing correspondent, is out with a new video where he “sits down” with her to hash out what she knows, and when she’ll spill all the tea, with a brilliant Oklahoma! parody.

Rainbow wrestles with his distaste for the former reality star turned political aide on the one hand, and his desire to see Trump taken down on the other.

“Omarosa, you’re a mess, but I’m not mad you’re here,” Rainbow sings, summing up the feelings of many on the left.

“We know that you’re ratchet and mean, but we’re ready to make you our queen,” he continues. “Yas, Queen!”

Watch below.


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