Randy Rainbow Is Ready to Save the Day Through Social Distancing. Are You?

If he can do it, so can you.

With the coronavirus threatening lives around the world, people are being encouraged to social distance. Not everyone is taking the order seriously, however, including the circuit party gays (because of course they’re the problem).

Randy Rainbow is prepared to make better choices, however, and has dedicated his latest parody video to the art of staying the hell at home, watching Disney+ and FaceTiming with Mom. So much for attending the “annual black light underwear foam party,” but in times of crisis we all must make sacrifices.

“We will crush the curve, we will turn the tide, but for now, just suck it up and stay the fuck inside,” he sings, to the tune of Hercules’ “Go the Distance.”

Watch below, and for the love of everything sane and holy, stop partying!

Journalist, editor, and artist.