Randy Rainbow Is Fed Up With Trump’s “Border Lies”

"Even Ann Coulter is getting wise."

Your favorite singing correspondent, Randy Rainbow, is back with another story from the front lines of Trump’s so-called “border crisis,” and his musical take is as hilarious as ever.

The president declared a national emergency to get his way on the border wall, or as Rainbow calls it, “Some chicken wire and an ADT Security decal,” or, “A couple of Doberman Pinscher and a sprinkler.”

“Some say that you’re full of shit, and others, well, agree,” Rainbow sings, to the tune of Madonna’s “Borderline.”

“That you’re just fomenting fear and hate with your hyperbole,” he goes on. “Now push has come to shove, you shut down the gov, just to try and get your way. You’re only interest is campaign promises, can we believe a word you say?”

“Girl, you’re at an impasse, now they’re gonna sue your ass, but you just keep pushing these border lies. Freaking us out while you dramatize. All the stats you claim you’ve been shown, backin’ your border lies.”

Oh, and Rainbow wants to see those receipts for the “Mexico will pay for the wall” promise, and asks Trump, “Is it true that you will allow them to pay entirely with 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond?”


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