Randy Rainbow Sings of the Absurdity of the Wall in Hilarious New Video

"Nothing distracts like a wall!"

The government has now been shutdown for 25 days, making it the longest in U.S. history, but you can’t stop Randy Rainbow. The political parodist is out with a new video, taking aim at Trump for his shutdown over the border wall.

“Well, it was a wall,” Rainbow says, inserted into an interview with Vice President Mike Pence. “And then it was, a fence, I think? And then it was steel slats. So, what are we calling it today? Two folding chairs and a bike lock?”

From there, Rainbow continues to roast Trump and his failing administration, to the tune of “There Is Nothin’ Like a Dame,” from South Pacific.

“He’s got money in the bank, he’s got spray tan on his face,” Rainbow sings. “He’s got baseless facts and figures, which he figures please his base. He’s got gold at Mar-a-Lago and a ton of Adderall. What ain’t he got? A border wall!”

“He gets angry, he gets tough. He gets up and leaves the room. He gets all the Egg McMuffins he can humanly consume. He’s a toddler and until he gets his way he’ll make a fuss. And who’s gonna pay? Most likely us.”

“He gets badgered, he gets booed. He gets heckled coast to coast. He gets valentines from Putin and advice from Hitler’s ghost. He gets labeled, ’irresponsible and inhuman and unfit.’ What can’t he get? Girl, he can’t get shit!” Rainbow piles on.

Watch Rainbow sing about Trump’s grand distraction from the Mueller investigation below.


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