Raymond Braun Is Hosting A New “Catfish” Spinoff For MTV

Watch out, trolls.

Logo political correspondent and LGBT activist Raymond Braun will be one of the hosts for a new Catfish spinoff, Catfish: Trolls.

The MTV reality series, set to launch in September, will be hosted by Braun along with Charlamagne Tha God who will try to put a stop to one of the most annoying nuisances plaguing our social media-obsessed society: internet trolls.

Matt Harper

The 10-episode series will use the Catfish style of investigating where Braun and Charlamagne will unmask the internet’s most vicious trolls and shed some light on why they spend their days insulting strangers online.

“Our show gives people the opportunity to meet their online trolls face-to-face, and reveals a lot about human psychology, Internet culture, and our generation’s complicated relationship with social media,” Braun posted on Facebook. “Behind every screen name, every avatar, and every Instagram profile is a human being with an interesting story.”

MTV also announced another new series called Undressed, but don’t get too excited if you’re thinking it’s a reboot or revival of the classic MTV series that ran from 1999 to 2002.

Instead, the reality competition series from production company Bunim/Murray (The Real World, The Challenge) will feature two contestants who get to know one another by answering questions and performing challenges prompted by a large video screen.

Undressed is set to premiere Aug 16 while Catfish: Trolls will debut sometime in Sept.

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