“Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Husband Kordell Stewart Responds To Gay Rumors

Bravo has only released a preview of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6, and it’s already sparked a war of words. In the clip, teasing the show’s November 3 return, Porsha Stewart suggests she thinks her marriage fell apart because her football-player husband, Kordell, is gay.

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kordell Stewart porsha stewartEveryone this side of Helen Keller has called Kordell’s sexuality into question, but this is the first time Porsha didn’t stick up for her man. (Maybe because he announced he was filing for divorce via tweet?) “Kordell didn’t necessarily want me physically,” Stewart says on the show. “And that made me wonder, what does he want?”

Kordell responded with a post on his Instagram page: “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies” followed by the caption, “Be careful who you allow yourself to trust. #jealousy #envy #hate #truth.”

We’re not hearing a no, Kordell.





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