More Gay Rumors Surface About “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” Star Kordell Stewart

The Real Housewives of Atlanta doesn’t return for Season 6 until November 3, but Bravo has released this teaser clip. Since Season 5 ended, Porsha and Kordell Stewart—once RHOA stalwart couple—got into an ugly divorce battle. Reportedly, Porsha found out Kordell was filing for divorce via Twitter (ouch).

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Everyone this side of Helen Keller has called Kordell’s sexuality into question before, but Porsha has always stuck her fingers in her ears and stood by her ex-NFL hubby. Now that the battle lines have been drawn? Not so much. In this clip, she seems to be implying Kordell is gay.

NewsOne reports:

Reportedly unsure about her marital status, Porsha approached Kordell, who was reportedly down the hall from their bedroom, to ask whether there was any validity to the Twitter posting.  “It wasn’t a confrontation,” she explained. “It was me just simply asking my husband, ‘Had you filed?’ He said he thought about it and we’ll talk about it later, and he Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kordell Stewart porsha stewartleft for work. I had to call my attorney to find out.”

In the midst of those events, Kordell’s alleged past homosexual dalliances came to the fore — and Porsha stood by her man.

But now it appears that things have changed!

On one of the “RHOA’s upcoming episodes, the 31-year-old granddaughter of civil rights leader and philanthropist Rev. Hosea Williams reportedly comes clean that Kordell might not have wanted what she has to offer, “Kordell didn’t necessarily want me physically,” Stewart said in a preview clip of the show featured on the Bravo TV website. “And that made me wonder, what does he want?”

As our mama always said, Porsha, “Don’t ask a question if you don’t wanna hear the answer.”

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