Cheyenne Jackson Teaches Kenny How To Be The Perfect Gay Man On “The Real O’Neals”

With the help of "The Sound of Music!"

Growing up didn’t you wish you had a role model to teach you how to be the most fabulous gay man you could possibly be?

In a clip from the latest episode of The Real O’Neals guest star Cheyenne Jackson plays Mr. Peters, a teacher who Kenny (Noah Galvin) envisions as his new gay life coach.

cheyenne guitar

“He could help me become the best version of me or rather ’Do Re Mi,'” Kenny says in the clip.

In another one of the show’s signature dream musical numbers, Peters teaches Kenny how to be the perfect gay man with the help of The Sound of Music (naturally) in various scenarios such as tanning, exercising and baking.

“When you read you begin with…” Peters sings from the classic song.

Men’s Health magazine?” Kenny answers.

cheyenne opera

If only we all had a Mr. Peters when we were younger.

If that clip wasn’t enough for you check out a montage of Kenny’s various fantasies from the show’s two seasons with cameos from gay celebs like Max Emerson and Tim Gunn to Robbie Rogers and RuPaul.

Kenny truly is living the gay dream.

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