“Real World: Las Vegas” Weird Mix of Gay Adult Video Past, Homophobia and Tolerance

Did gay porn, doesn’t like gay people

I confess that when MTV’s Real World franchise doesn’t include a gay castmember, I tend not to pay much attention to it. But what about when it includes someone who is straight but did gay adult videos in the past?

I decided I still wasn’t going to pay attention because, frankly, it felt like a desperate attempt to get people to pay attention to the show. But I couldn’t help hearing that the housemate in question was 24-year-old Dustin Zito, who did a number of videos on FratPad.com. In those videos, he had sex with other men, something revealed in the first episode of the new season. I also knew I still didn’t care.

Things got a little more interesting when some media sites reported that videos and pictures of Zito having sex with other guys started disappearing from online. Speculation was rampant as to whether MTV was having the pictures pulled, if FratPad was doing it on its own, or whether it was Zito himself making the request. According to RealityBlurred.com, Jon Murray, the creator of The Real World, says it wasn’t him or MTV. So that probably leaves Zito.

Whatever the case, I still didn’t much care either about this season or Zito’s porn past. Honestly, it seems like about 10% of reality participants have done porn or will do so afterward. After Big Brother’s Steven Daigle decided to just that, it all became less shocking.

But now there are two videos from Real World: Las Vegas itself that are, well, interesting for a variety of reasons (no they aren’t porn). The first is of Zito discussing his feelings about gay men, thereby clearly demonstrating that having sex on camera with another guy doesn’t preclude you from being a homophobic ass.

[Sorry – we just discovered this clip won’t play on external sites. You can watch it here at E Online.]

It’s just a short clip, which leaves me a little suspicious
about the context, but wow, if there isn’t something taken out of
context, does he ever come across like a clueless jerk or what? I won’t
even get into the whole “dude who has sex with other guys” being a
homophobe, but he gets nervous when he sees gay guys on the street?
Yeah, ’cuz so many straight guys end up bashed by heterophobic gay guys.

Ology.com did an interview with Zito where he discusses why he did the videos and how he is “100% straight.”

So it’s just entertainment?

I’m not trying to cover anything up- is it that hard to grasp the concept that I’m comfortable enough with myself to do something with another guy for money? Is it that impossible? Can you not understand? Can your mind not fathom? The way I am… I guess I’m just a real comfortable person. And I don’t look at myself or put a stamp on my personality like “oh I’m gay because I did gay porn.” That has nothing to do with it.

So do you consider yourself 100% straight?

I AM 100% STRAIGHT! I have no desire to do anything with a guy! I’ve never had that desire. I don’t look at guys as attractive. A lot of people give me a lot of sh*t, but I don’t, I really don’t. People say to me, “but you did it!”, “I would never do this,” or “I would never do that.” And I’m like, ok, so YOU would never do it. So don’t do it! But don’t get on me about it. If there’s one person who knows they’re straight, and knows that they like girls, and they don’t like guys… it’s me! It’s just that I’ve done things with guys. And I know that I’m just not into it. I’m into chicks!

All I can say is “Thank heavens” because I’d rather someone like this not play on our team at all.

Leroy worries you’re looking at his “stuff.” He should be so lucky…

This second clip involves several of the roommates discussing whether or not their new roommate might be gay or not. (I don’t know what happened to the old one, and I don’t care.) Turns out Leroy is not happy about the idea because he is such an irresistible stud.


For both my sake and the sake of a potential gay housemate, please let them pick a straight guy to have put up with Dustin and Leroy. I’m so sick of these straight guys being so freaked about the idea of a gay guy hitting on them. Listen, Leroy, I’d bet 90% of the women you hit on are less than thrilled with the attention, yet somehow they survive. Get over yourself.

And three cheers for Michael for speaking up and apparently being the only sane male in the house.

Michael, who is apparently actually from the 21st century

Now RW:LV please stop talking about gay issues so I can go back to pretending you don’t exist.