TIFF Will Premiere Problematic Transgender Assassin Movie “(re)ASSIGNMENT”

The film stars Michelle Rodriguez as a hitman turned into a woman against her will.

The Toronto International Film Festival just announced that it will be showing the controversial film (re)ASSIGNMENT, starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver.

The movie, which was originally titled Tomboy, has come under fire for its perceived transphobic storyline about a hitman (Rodriguez) who becomes a hitwoman after a doctor (Weaver) forces her to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

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Many people fear the film will only reinforce negative ideas about the surgery, as it is used as an actual punishment in the story.

When questioned about GLAAD’s concerns last year, Rodriguez, who is openly bisexual, didn’t seem to think there was a problem.

“If anything, it’s freaking promoting [trans rights], you know what I mean? No press is bad press, baby,” she said. “I remember a day when white people were playing black people. So, it’s just about the evolution.”

“Thank [Caitlyn] Jenner for becoming who he became and now you have a popular subject matter that nobody wanted to make a movie about and now everybody’s on it,” she added.

Saban Films

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