Rebel Wilson Is A Great Actress, Not So Great Daughter

Rebel. Photo Credit: Juergen Teller for ’W’

Rebel Wilson found herself on W’s Best Performances list for her role in the awesome Pitch Perfect, and when speaking with the interviewer revealed she is not the greatest family member.

“I grew up in Australia with two sisters, Liberty and Anarchy, and a brother named Riot,” Rebel says. “All of my family thinks they are funnier than I am. I say to them, ‘When have you done professional comedy? What movies have you been in?’ Um, never and none. In Australia, I’ve been in 13 TV shows, and I also did stand-up. I would tell family secrets onstage. And sometimes I would lie: I said that my father was in prison. That didn’t go down too well with my actual father.”

We’re sure he found some humor in this. Right?

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