Reddit User: “My Best Friend Loves Willam Too Much.” (As If!)

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.38.06 AM

A reddit user has posted an desperate plea that his best friend loves Willam too much, accompanied by a imgur photo with said friend in a Willam t-shirt. At first we were worried we might need to stage some kind of drag intervention, but if this is the worst of it, we ain’t bovered.

We did love some of the comments:

“The only way this would be better is if she’d drawn in a five o clock shadow”

Girl, take it easy.”

“IMPOSSIBLE. You can’t love Willam too much.”

“That tank can turn any casual Willam fan into a Stan. I hope mine comes in time for me to wear it to a party next weekend.”

“I’m clocking that eye make-up under the sunglasses, do you have a pic without the glasses?…I thought she might have a dirty sunrise hidden behind those sunglasses.”

Below, some really true-blue Willam fans take to YouTube:

Ok we got the Willam love here, but we’re detecting a little Detox in the face #noTnoshade.

This one comes with a warning: “[This is] totally a warm up, not meant for the 70% of Zumba at all. “

We’re not saying anything. Okay, except maybe “How old is this kid?”

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