Video: Catching Up with Reichen & The A-List: New York: "Season 2 Is Like Season 1 on Steroids!"

Reichen, photographed by paparazzi outside the Late Night with David Letterman last week. SNAP!

In about 8 weeks (on Monday, July 25th!!!) Season 2 of The A-List: New York is gonna come striding its way back on to Logo! Yup, just as the hottest days of summer are arriving, we’ll be able to welcome back those lovely gents who made last fall so delightfully delicious, with their romances and rivalries, breakups and breakdowns, and their hilarious quips and dishy digs! (I put that rather nicely, don’tcha think?) Gays gone wild, people!!!

And back at the center of it all, you can expect to find Reichen Lehmkuhl. The reality-star/pilot/actor/activist/entrepreneur is always busy. So, kick off this new weekly video segment, “Catching Up with the A-List” with a visit with Reichen to see what he’s been doing since last December and what the hell he’s gonna be doing in Season 2.


Reichen doesn’t feel that Season 1 was entirely accurate so far as representing him. “I’m definitely portrayed in a way that’s skewed from how I really am.” SO…You think you know Reichen. You. HAVE. NO. IDEA.

“SEASON 2 IS GONNA BE SEASON 1 ON STEROIDS.” And yes, he means that metaphorically. I think. (Maybe not? Rowwrrrr!!!!!) Can we expect at least a Muscle Milk promo tie-in?

– Don’t expect to see that same shy, demure cast we saw last year. (Ahem.) “Everyone’s a little more confident now… We’re a little more willing to open up to the cameras.” Whoa. What does that mean? They were holding back last year? This time around should we expect a speculum-cam??? (If Drag Race has its companion show “Untucked,” maybe the A-List could have “Unplugged.” How else can we get more intimate?)

New castmember Nyasha is, according to Reichen, “a troublemaker who doesn’t realize she’s a troublemaker.” Um, is she Austin in a wig?

– Reichen feels no threat from the cast of the now in-the-works “A-List: Dallas” series that Logo will begin shooting soon. “But I’m happy to be one of the originals…” Heh. Love it.

– To relax, Reichen likes to ski. (Awww, I totally wanna sip some apres-ski brandy by the fire with Reichen in our long-johns. And I am so NOT even lying. Nothing is hotter than a guy who can ski well. Nothing. Maybe Season 2 is my new season of total Reichen-worship. Watch out, Lehmkuhl… Consider yourself warned.)


After the jump, a cute shot of Reichen and Rodiney hanging out last week. (What’s up with that????) And more shirtless Rodiney, just ’cuz that’s how I post, yo…

And as you’ve all heard, Reichen and Rodiney are not a couple. But they still hang out and are good friends. With benefits? Does this mean more possible threesomes? And where does one send in an audition tape????

On the set of a promo shoot for “A-List: New York” last week. Chummy, chummy!

In other Reichen news, he’s hard at work on another book. And he’s got a fragrance line coming. Mmmmmmm…

And just FYI, Rodiney has a new calendar coming which he says will be shot by Mike Ruiz. And he’s had another shoot or too lately. Look!

I totally snatched this from Rodiney’s website. It’s from a shoot with photographer Richard Gerst. You’re welcome.

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John Polly is a former editor at NewNowNext. He now makes the magic happen at World of Wonder.