Mary Queen Of Scots Gets The “Gossip Girl” Treatment In “Reign”: WATCH

The CW has really topped themselves this time with Reign, their new series that is one part European history and about five parts 90210. (The new one, not the old one that everyone actually enjoyed.) For any of you who ever wondered what Mary Queen of Scots was like as a teenager, minus any sort of historical accuracy, this is definitely the show for you!

A new trailer has just been released for the show, premiering this fall, and introduces us to Mary, a super cute teen who is totes bummed she has to go to France and marry some dude Francis. Francis, meanwhile, is a total manwhore and seems to  be “riding” all the ladies in court. Typical royalty…

Then some jazzy music starts playing and Mary, who has amaze complexion, gets out of her tricked out carriage and is greeted by tons of squeeling girls who are super excited to see their BFF. Party at the palace!

We should mention, this Mary in France stuff and marriage to Francis is all historically accurate but, spoiler alert, things do not end well for good old Franny. Well, kinda accurate. Mary was five when she headed on over to hang with the Frenchies, not an teenage alabaster beauty. Oh, and Francis was a small, small man and a bit of an idiot, not a Calvin Klein model.

Elsewhere in the trailer we have an appearance from a sexy Nostradamus, because he has to be in every historical production, and a bunch of girls delivering dialogue we are 99% sure has been directly ripped from past Gossip Girl scripts.

Check it out above.

All criticisms aside, we cannot wait to see this show this fall.