Relax, “Spartacus” Fans! That Wasn’t the Big Gay Gladiator Sex Scene You’re Waiting For!

When we interviewed Spartacus: Blood & Sand co-creator Steven DeKnight about the prequel Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, one of the things that most caught our interest was this comment from DeKnight: 

One of my favorite moments – I think it’s in episode two or three – is
[the sex scene] between Barca and Auctus. They have an exchange that becomes sexual that
I just love. It embodies everything that I wanted from this
relationship, which is a physical, jocular type of relationship. They
enjoy trying to one-up each other. They’re both fighters, and they’re
both equals. There’s no delicate flower in this relationship.

When Friday’s episode “Missio” aired last week, it did include a brief sex scene between Barca and Auctus. Emphasis on the word “brief.”

After watching the episode, a number of readers commented on the recap how disappointed they were going to be if that was the big gay sex scene they’d been waiting for.

Well, fear not, Spartacus fans! While I haven’t seen the episode myself, I’ve been assured that wasn’t the moment and we’ll get to see it in the next episode!

Oh, and here is a new pic Starz gave us exclusively showing Barca and Auctus in the arena.

Editor’s note: I just heard from Steven DeKnight and there was a misunderstanding between us about the sex scene. Says DeKnight: “I just want to clarify that the Barca/Auctus moment coming up is not a
really what I would call a sex scene.  It’s an exchange that becomes
sexual, but it gets interrupted before the subligaria’s come off.  I
wouldn’t want to mislead your readers into thinking they’re about to get
a full on sexual encounter.”

Apologies for the confusion.