Rent on Broadway/Joan Marcus

Fox’s Live Version Of “Rent” Gets A Premiere Date

No day like... today?

Fox raised some eyebrows when it announced its next live musical was going to be Rent. But the network has just announced a premiere date for the production.

Jonathan Larson’s Tony-winning musical about life and love in 1990s New York will debut on January 27, 2019.

A contemporary retelling of La Boheme, Rent chronicles the struggles of seven East Village artists facing adulthood and gentrification. The musical is a daring choice, given that it addresses trans identity, HIV/AIDS, gay and lesbian relationships, and substance abuse.

Rent on Broadway/Joan Marcus

But its popularity can’t be denied: Twenty years after it debuted on Broadway, the show has been produced all over the world and still attracts hordes of “Rentheads.”

“The title is so iconic, the music is so beloved, and the themes are as meaningful today as they were when the show first premiered on Broadway,” said Fox’s Dana Walden and Gary Newman in a statement. “We are sure it will have a profound impact on the legions of fans who know and love this musical.”

But will the show be true to the original or watered down for TV?

Fox also announced a live version of a somewhat more family-friendly show, A Christmas Story, that takes from both the 1983 cult-classic movie and the 2012 Broadway musical from La La Land composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

A Christmas Story/MGM

The duo will compose new songs for the TV version, which will air December 17 with Maya Rudolph as Ralphie’s mother and Matthew Broderick playing Ralphie as an adult.

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