Republican Backer Of North Carolina Bathroom Bill Calls For “Substantial And Immediate Repeal”

Republicans aren't liking the bill's "unintended consequences."

North Carolina State Senator Tamara Barringer originally backed the state’s anti-LGBT House Bill 2 before it passed in March, but now she says it’s time to reconsider the harmful legislation.

WNCN reports it’s the first time a Republican sponsor has called for the repeal of the harmful bill, which eliminated anti-discrimination ordinances and forces transgender people to use restrooms that do not match their gender identity.

Barringer said she is still concerned about the sex and gender of people using restrooms and locker rooms, but believes “a substantial and immediate repeal of HB2” is in order to combat the bill’s “unintended effects.”

“Whenever legislative bodies rush to judgment on important public policy decisions, there are unintended consequences,” Barringer said in an emailed statement. “With the most recent announcements impacting our state, there are simply too many examples of very sad and unfortunate ramifications and unintended effects of HB2.”

The unintended consequences of HB2 include the NCAA’s recent decision to pull seven seven college championship games out of the state because HB2 conflicts with the organization’s inclusivity policy. The decision could cost North Carolina tens of millions of dollars.

North Carolina’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest (above) called the move “extortion,” saying “everybody should be concerned about lost revenue, but I don’t put a price tag on our women and girls of any kind.”

Lt. Gov. Forest also slammed Democrats for demanding a special session to repeal HB2.

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