Research Has Revealed The Average Age Gay Men Lose Their Virginity

Plus, lots of straight people doing gay things.

New research from has revealed the average age gay men lose their virginity: 17.9-years-old. Straight folks, comparatively, reported losing their virginity slightly earlier, at 17.6 years.

The online health service surveyed 500 Americans and 500 Europeans about “the various sexual journeys humans experience over the course of a lifetime.” The researchers at DrEd surveyed individuals of all ages—baby boomers to millennials—and all sexual orientations.

While gay people took a little longer lose their virginity, the survey found that gay respondents had their “sexual awakening”—which was defined as “identifying initial feelings and urges”—at an earlier age of 13.8 years-old, compared to 15 years-old for straight people.

It’s unclear exactly how “sex” was defined. Does it include anal penetration? Oral sex? It seems as if the researchers left the definition of sex open to the interpretation of respondents.

In addition to exploring questions of physical sex, the researchers asked respondents if they believed that sexuality existed on a spectrum. While nearly half of millennials (born post-1980) believed that sexuality was a spectrum, a mere 11% of Generation X-ers (born 1960-1980) and 5% of Baby Boomers (born post-WWII) agreed with this statement.

Hence it comes as no surprise that only 7% of Gen X-ers and 3% of Baby Boomers said they were open to dating a bisexual person. This was significantly less than the 38% of millennials who reported that they would date a bisexual person.

Interestingly enough, however, 25% of Baby Boomers and 20% of Gen X-ers reported, “I will have sex with someone of the same sex before I die.”

Zachary Zane is a writer and activist whose work focuses on sexuality, culture, and academic research. He has contributed to The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and The Advocate.