Revealed! Toni and Cheryl’s Romance in “Riverdale” Deleted Scenes

The couple had more tender moments than we were shown.

Previously unseen footage from CW’s Riverdale has highlighted the romantic relationship between Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan).

The previous season featured the two characters coming out as bisexual but didn’t include as many scenes exploring their relationship as fans would have liked. The deleted scenes give Cheryl and Toni’s relationship more depth, with tender moments between the two. Though the couple shared a highly anticipated kiss onscreen, it turns out that there were a lot more moments of affection than fans saw in the final cut of the season.

In “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes,” an emotional scene between the two end culminate with Toni opening up about her sexuality to Cheryl, who came out as bisexual earlier in the season. The two nearly kissed in the following episode before having to undergo gay “cure” therapy. It wasn’t until Toni broke out of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy nunnery in the next episode to be with Cheryl when the two finally shared their first proper kiss.

One of the six deleted scenes shows Toni preparing for her musical in her changing room when Cheryl brings her a rose, where the two kiss freely and talk about Cheryl forcing her mother and uncle to move out of Thistlehouse.

In another scene, Toni leaves Cheryl a voicemail as a nun at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy make their way towards Cheryl’s room to tell her she’s been sent there for gay conversion therapy. In the message, Toni tells her: “I’m right there, right by your side. You’re not alone, Cheryl. Not ever again.”

Fans responded positively on social media the newly released scenes, as they give much-deserved screentime to one of the show’s favorite couples.

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