Top Five Moments From Last Night’s “Revenge”


With Patrick (hopefully temporarily) gone, this week was very much a filler episode, but it did give Nolan a great opportunity for his his own takedown, and he made the most of it

Here are five highlights:


The Graysons need an image overhaul, so they hire the improbably named PR maven Bizzy Preston (who i’m pretty sure was an R&B singer in the 70’s) to help rehab the family name.

Played appropriately stridently by the faboo Ana, Bizzy is good at her job, and will do anything to help her clients … something Nolan is all too aware of.

“Back in the day, I was dating this guy. It was casual, fun. Then I met his sister, up and coming pop star Sage. And she was more casual, more fun. And as it turns out, married. The press got a hold of our one hit wonder, and Bizzy squashed it. By claiming I was gay.”
“I remember when that happened, it was right when we met. I had no idea she was behind it.”
“Neither did my father. After years of being estranged, Nolcorp’s success had finally gotten us back on good terms, even planning a visit to New York to see my R&D facility. Programmed a robot to open him a beer. Then, he read the press release, canceled the trip … never spoke to me again.”

Thankfully, Nolan’s thirst for vengeance coincides with Emily’s plans, and they work together to bring her down. Sidebar: Last week Nolan was all ready to go rogue and defy Emily’s plans … now they’re all lovey-dovey again. What happened?

JACK 2.0

Jack takes a few tentative steps with FiFi, but gets cold feet when she has the audacity to try and hold his hand. Tramp! He runs away, but after a sweet scene with BFF Nolan (their relationship really is becoming one of my favorite parts of the show), in which Nolan gently encourages him to take that step, he visits Amanda’s grave, and tells her it’s time to move on with his life. Aww! He and FiFi decide to give it a go. Will it work out?

Yes. Until FiFi is exposed for the obvious phony she is. And what do you want to bet she’s actually from Scranton.


Aiden is instructed by Victoria (who hands him his towel when he gets out of the shower, but when I do that to houseguests, I’m a “pervert”) to seduce Emily away from Daniel. But when she realizes that Daniel is cozying up to his shopgirl fling again, and that may be the best way to break up him and Emily, she decides that Aiden has outlived his usefulness, and fires him. Okay, I admit, this was really an excuse to show this Aidan shirtless pic.


Nolan’s plan commences, and it involves using some kind of modified Google Glasses or James Bond-ish gadget to record the password to her cell phone. He uses it to hack into all of her electronics, and discovers all the secrets she’s hiding form her clients. And … a few secrets she’s been hiding, namely that she’s been having an affair. He confronts her, and tells her he e-mailed all her clients telling them how sloppy she is guarding their secrets.

“And now that you’re officially out of business, you’re mine. Now, if and when I need you, I’ll call. Otherwise, that phone stay silent.

Nolan decides not to tell her husband about the affair, as long as she ends it immediately. She apoliges for what happened between hm and his father,and he responds “I waited ten years to hear that. it’s too bad he never will.”


Of course, it belongs to Victoria.

There were two other moments to discuss – Emily plants a story for Bizzy to find that she was married once before, something Bizzy blabs to Victoria. And Nolan shows Emily a pic of Daniel and Shopgirl almost snogging at the fireworks. Expect to see both of these events play out in the next few episodes.

What did you think? I have to admit, Patrick is sorely missed, but it was nice seeing Ana Ortiz back on ABC. Although for some reason I kept expecting her to shout out “Papi!”

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