‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

Someone got themselves some bitch lessons.

We had to skip Revenge last week, as our stupid DVR would only record two shows, but we are back! And things are getting good and interesting again following the show’s awful return after the holiday. Everyone is trying to screw everyone else over and we really have no idea whose side anyone is really on and we feel super, super bad for the chick Helen’s driver. He must never get any time off.

Also good is how bitch everyone is acting. And below are this evening’s five bitchiest moments.

  • Ashley. Everything she says. That accent. The dresses she wears. Everything about Ashley is just bitchy and amazing.
  • What kind of bitch gives someone a cast of a child’s handprint for their 18th birthday? Fail Amanda.
  • Victoria can get guys to buy companies just to get her in bed? She looks like the kind of lady that just lies there. Obviously well done, and horribly bitchy since she is playing that poor, but also super rich, Nip/Tuck doctor.
  • Don’t we all kinda want Victoria dead and Aiden’s poor sister to be saved? Why is Emily being a bitch and trying to not make this happen?
  • We  are so fu*king over this dumb bitch Nolan is dating. She is mousey and awful an just the aboslute worst always getting him in trouble and spying. Thank God he hates her face now.

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