‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

Happier times.

Happier times.

Revenge finally went back to the beginning last night as we learned just who met their end tragically caught in the wreckage of the Amanda. Or at least we think we learned who it was, you can never be sure who is dead or alive on this show.

We also learned that Emily has emotions, Ashley is now just coming and going as she pleases even though she appears to have no actual residence in the Hamptons and Daniel is loving the swill again.

But let’s get to the good stuff and talk about last night’s five bitchiest moments.

  • Conrad and Victoria are super good at getting people killed and then framing others for the murder. It’s a total bitch move, but no one really like Amanda that much.
  • What is Ashley’s deal? Telling Conrad he shouldn’t run for office is on thing, but just strolling up on Emily in her house out of nowhere? Are these two even friends at this point? That being said, Ashley is totally a boss this season.
  • Seriously Nate? Photo bombing is a total dick move.
  • Fake bitch fighting was kind of everywhere last night. Victoria and Daniel went at it in the Grayson Global offices for the cameras as did Amanda and Jack to try and fool photo-bombing creep Nate. Sadly, this did not work out so well for everyone involved.
  • Sorry we’re not sorry about your dad’s finger Padma because no one will ever like you. Ever.