‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

revenge recap

Pretty little bitches.

Greatest. Episode. Ever.

Revenge was just amazing tonight, with the Grayson family going to sh*t. This season is looking far, far better than the first.

Now for the bitchiest moments.

  • Declan is stealing from people and wearing that gay ass tank top around town. Wait, is he playing a gay again? We’d like that. But anyway, what a selfish little BITCH.
  • And it’s not just Declan, with Jackie boy getting all over Amanda’s case whenever she wants to spend some money or chill with her fake half-sister? What is his issue? Why such a BITCH?
  • Emily “Fu*k Them And Leave Them” Thorne getting all up on her new friend Aidan in flashback was amazing. Now she don’t care for him though cause she is a BITCH.
  • Charlotte will totally interrupt your Vanity Fair interview Victoria. What up now¬†BITCH?
  • Every time we see Victoria on screen … BITCH!