‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

revenge recap

The fake happy couple!

Fake love was in the air last night on Revenge, with Victor and Conrad pretending to be in love again and Jennifer Jason Leigh (we will never learn her character’s name because, come on, it’s JJL) bonding with her fake daughter and grandson. Ain’t love grand?

Now on to the bitchiest moments.

  • Every single time Jennifer Jason Leigh and Madeline Stowe are onscreen together and they’re all like, BITCH please.
  • Hot angry dude who now owns the bar is such a mobster BITCH, right?
  • Amanda is totally setting up that annoying author Mason from Hostel. Crafty BITCH.
  • Emily tells Nolan he can’t go have fun at the Grayson wedding and he is not having that at all. BITCH!
  • Conrad bought Victoria a gun as a wedding gift? BITCH.

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