‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

revenge recap

It looks like one of these people took a nice long nap in a cryogenic chamber.

Revenge got cray cray last night, and we are not just referring to those Target ads that left us scratching our head a little bit. Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman should be writing extensive Thank You letters to their respective agents for not having to be in that mess.

No, we are instead talking about the framing of Mason Treadwell, the dickish author who came so very, very close to solving the whole Emily and Amanda story. Instead, however ,he is gonna be in a jail for a long, long time, likely to be released during sweeps this February.

Also cray cray this week was our gal Jennifer Jason Leigh, who got her Emily VanCamp on, turning off security systems, pointing guns and doing all the things we wish we could do to those prickish Graysons. Sadly, they survived.

With next week’s episode looking even more crazy, and featuring Ms. VanCamp dressed like a Rockette and holding a mobster’s gun in a crowded room in the preview, let’s look at this week’s bitch moments.

  • That hot guy in the bar is all about smuggling drugs on those ships, right? We wonder if there is a market for nose candy in the Hamptons? Kidding, everyone loves the Wheel out East. Smart BITCH!
  • Didn’t Madeline Stowe’s face look a little fresher than in the past few weeks? Much more porcelain and smooth. Cool it with that BITCH.
  • Really Fake Amanda? We are going to go after an author with a crow bar? Remember your last incident with a golf club in the parking lot of a strip club? Learn from your mistakes BITCH.
  • Is that dumb BITCH still hanging around Nolan’s office pretending to be his girl? Can we please get rid of her?
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh is leaving the show? Bring that BITCH back.

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