‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

revenge recap


Revenge went back in time this evening, taking us all on a journey to 2006 where we discovered Victoria learned to be a bitch from her mother, Ashley considered a career as a lady of the evening and Nolan once found love in a hopeless place. Hamptonites, they’re just like us!

For the most part however the show was a bit of a disappointment this week, and the revelation that Victoria was once forced to murder a man as a teenager was perhaps on of the more ridiculous revelations in a frequently ridiculous program.

Now on to the bitchiest moments.

  •  Daniel brings his grandmother home for Thanksgiving unannounced? What a selfish little BITCH!
  • Victoria has not aged a day in the past six years. Lucky BITCH!
  • Ashley, who now judges everyone, was going to bang a Russian guy who had a thing for little girls just to make some money? Hypocritical BITCH!
  • Victoria’s mom is a horrible, horrible BITCH. We hope she returns soon.
  • Nolan’s boyfriend doesn’t understand why he is holding on to some money for Amanda? Total BITCH, and horrible CFO.

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