‘Revenge’ Recap: 5 Bitchiest Moments

revenge recap


There were some major fireworks on Revenge tonight, with Victoria getting all Heidi Fleiss on Ashley and sending her to bang an investor in Grayson Global after learning the Brit spread it for Conrad, Nolan currently being involved in the weirdest love triangle ever and those creepy dudes murdering the dude who murdered their father. What will next week hold?!

Here are our picks for the five bitchiest moments.

  • We get that Emily wants to take everyone down, but does the bitch seriously have to catalogue sex tapes of her pals to distribute when she’s in a bind? It’s in poor taste.
  • Those hot mean men are all about murdering people and staring intensely and that is cool and all, but do they really have to be a bitch to everyone? Even poor, sad, pathetic Declan?
  • And seriously, Ashley, banging the man who is not only the father of your boyfriend but also the wife of your employer? ┬áIt’s just tacky.
  • Daniel meanwhile, who is usually so nice, has become a giant, giant dick, firing people and acting all Wall Street. He is totally going to have a coke problem by the end of this season.
  • Who are these Initiative people that sit in dark rooms and watch surveillance videos? They seem awesome, even though they’re gonna be killing folks.

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