Rich White Ladies Have The Song Of The Summer With “Wimbledon”: WATCH


Brace yourselves for the best thing you’re going to see all week because Rich White Ladies’ video for “Wimbledon” is as perfect as perfect gets. First of all, they had me at “Rich White Ladies.” Then they slayed me with what I’m assuming are their Christian names: Tokyo Diva and Scotty Rebel. Within the first 30 seconds of the video I was planning my funeral because I was dying.

According to Pop Justice, the NYC-based duo are in talks with Motown/Capitol with mega producers The-Dream and Tricky Stewart “involved in some way.”

Whatever, all I know is that we’ve got two bad bitches giving me looks for days:


Serving face while serving ace:


What I believe is a cameo by fashion pixie Betsey Johnson:


And making “Martina Navratilova/champagne supernova” the chant of my life:



All other contenders for Song of the Summer: #sorryboutit


Check out all the ratchet racquet twerk of Tokyo Diva and Scotty Rebel, aka, Rich White Ladies in “Wimbledon.” You’re welcome:

[gdm_video source=”youtube” video_id=”ta9AXqLSrVQ” url=””]


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