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Richard Madden’s “Cinderella” Pants Were So Tight He Nearly Threw Up

Beauty is Pain.

Richard Madden took his dedication to his craft to a whole new level while filming the live remake of last year’s Cinderella, having to wear pants so tight that they literally almost made him sick.

While being interviewed on The Graham Norton Show, Madden revealed that his extremely tight pants required an even tighter jock strap to make sure everything was properly hidden for the family-friendly Disney movie.

“It was just basically a corset for men,” the actor revealed. “It was really, really tight.”

After having the wardrobe department analyze his crotch in many different garments, they finally settled on one, but even that couldn’t fully counteract the revealing tight fit of the pants.

But as Graham Norton pointed out, Madden was so strategically placed in every shot of the movie that fans never got to catch a glimpse of what he was trying to hide.

“You’re like a pregnant woman,” said Norton. “There’s always something covering your crotch.”

You can watch Madden tell the whole story in the interview clip below.

h/t: Vulture

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