Richard Simmons Is America’s Next Top Drag Superstar

"My persona has always been what a man was never supposed to be: Outrageous, gregarious, crazy, silly, funny."

As much as he’s known as a weight-loss guru, Richard Simmons also has a gift for drag—from Jose Cuervo and Janet Leigh to his own original creations. Below we celebrate Simmons the drag diva—can a spot on Drag Race be far off?

norman bates

“Do you want to take a shower?”


“Having a little Cuervo tequila, then I am going to chase some skirts!”


“After I hang up my laundry, I like to take a moment and think about …you!”


“Would you like a cup of tea… with me?”

Do blondes have more fun? What a silly question! #instafun #blonde #hair #fun

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Sweets for my sweets #chocolates #beverly hills #workout #hairdo

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Can you do the minuet. @makeupforeverofficial

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Don't look into my eyes Love. Medusa. #sweat. #slimmons # workout #make up forever #robertson blvd

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