Newlyweds Ricky Martin And Jwan Josef Invite You Inside Their Beverly Hills Home

“Architectural Digest” finds out where the magic happens.

Honey, they’re home!

Ricky Martin and his husband, Jwan Yosef, are showing off their new house in an Architectural Digest cover story.

“We were considering living in London or New York City, but then we decided to rent in Los Angeles for a month, to get a feel for the vibe,” Yosef, a Syrian-born Swedish artist, tells the magazine. “L.A. totally caught us off guard—we loved it. By the end of the month, we knew we wanted to be here.”

After a three-day house-hunting expedition, the couple chose a 3,000-square foot midcentury home, which has been built out to an 11,000-square foot modern residence in Beverly Hills.

“Even though the house had been greatly expanded over the years, we still wanted to respect its original vision—the clean lines, the openness, and the sense of calm,” says Martin, who enlisted Oprah-approved celebrity designer Nate Berkus—who else?—for the interior design work.

“Ricky and Jwan are both artists, and they have very particular ideas about how they want to live,” Berkus says. “Ultimately, I helped give them a solid, neutral foundation that they can cultivate together to make the home truly theirs.”

“There’s so much potential for crafting a vibrant, creative environment for our family,” Martin says of the home, where he and Yosef raise 9-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino. “You can never be sure what the future will bring, but I can’t wait to find out.”

In an accompanying Architectural Digest video, the couple takes viewers on a tour of the property, including the master bedroom. “This is where we talk about our dreams and we make them happen,” Martin says.

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Martin’s American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace co-star Darren Criss recently mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live that the cast had been invited to the house, where they were all treated to pedicures.

Martin revealed last week that he and Yosef, who announced their engagement in 2016, had wed in secret.

“He’s my husband,” Martin told reporters on the red carpet for the Versace premiere. “We’ve signed all the papers that we needed to sign, prenups and everything.”

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace premieres January 17 on FX. 

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