“Faking It” 2.06: Riding The E-Train

Previously on Faking It, Shane got jumped in an alley:



Liam and Karma have taken their relationship public and somehow this leads her to believe it’s all right to blow off Friday Movie Night with Amy. Amy says she’s OK with it but clearly doesn’t want to watch that documentary on prison talent shows alone. Karma starts babbling about going on her first date with Liam then worries she’s being insensitive to Amy’s feelings. Again, Amy says she’s fine with it…

Meanwhile Liam is assembling some art contraption and in between naughty selfies from Duke Shane hectors him a little about how he slept with Amy. Shane is officially worrying more about that than anyone. Liam is more worried about being considered Karma’s boyfriend, a concern Karma doesn’t share as she continues yammering about it to Amy in the cafeteria. Can’t you go bug Lunch Lady Irma with that noise? Amy passive-aggressively undermines the relationship with suggestions that Liam and fidelity are not on a first name basis.

Karma heads to the art room where Liam lights up his collection of seemingly random plumbing supplies to reveal they cast the name KARMA in shadows.


The school art show is that night and he wants to show it, and her, off. She calls him the best boyfriend ever and he calls her his muse.

That night Amy and Lauren, who’s confused and annoyed that Theo has not contacted her since the kiss, camp out on the couch and discuss movie options. Lauren wins my heart when she a) demands veto power over the remote and b) slags Seth Rogan as only tolerable as a cartoon character. Before they settle on anything Shane arrives to whisk Amy off to an underground party. Her fear of being buried alive manifests briefly but she agrees to go. Before they can clear the door Shane finds himself experiencing the Hu-Mon emotion known as “sympathy” and they invite Lauren along. Initially she turns them down but then changes her mind, citing the need to break in a new pair of shoes.

Karma and Liam aren’t at the art show more than 30 seconds before she splits off to call Amy about the whole “muse” situation. Amy notes that muses are often put on pedestals before artists discard them like used gum. Also she is clearly over this conversation well before it ends.

Immediately thereafter Amy is nearly run over by a massive equipment cart being pushed by the cute cater-waiter from the Booker party. DJ Cater-Waiter references the party and Amy dismisses her antics there as a practical joke. DJ Cater-Waiter invites Amy to stop by the booth later and Amy hems and haws about it because she is the worst. Shane and Lauren join Amy and Shane notes the sparks between Amy and DJ Cater-Waiter but Lauren dismissively remarks that DJ Cater-Waiter “hasn’t even picked a gender yet” which is a damned odd thing for an intersex character to say.

Shane fields a call from Liam, who’s freaking because whenever he tries to say “girlfriend” his mouth just goes “gur…gur…gur…” That joke was tired when Fonzie told it on Happy Days in 1977.


Fonzie. Happy Days. It was a TV show. Ask your parents.

Shane thinks Liam can’t say it because Liam slept with Amy, and seriously dude, give it a rest. Liam concludes that he can’t say the word because of his fear of commitment; Shane is all, it’s high school and she’s not your wife.

Their exchange is interrupted by a performance from Fifth Harmony, which is a girl group that exists, doing a cover of “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” by New Kids on the Block.

Ep. 206 Fifth Harmony

I will never forgive you, MTV, for not covering a 2Ge+her song! Do you hear me? Never!

Lauren is not impressed and takes off in search of ibuprofen. However, the only pill in attendance is a hit of Ecstasy that Shane scores from a random in hopes of loosening Amy up but which Lauren snatches and swallows.

At the art show Liam gets buttonholed by a terrible art blogger called London Lang who wildly over-interprets his piece. The scene exists solely to allow Liam to choke on the word “girlfriend” a few more times, in front of Karma this time, before landing on “wife”.

As Lauren rolls Shane encourages Amy to go talk to DJ Cater-Waiter. Amy is reluctant because, again, she is the worst. She says that tonight is about hanging with friends. Shane is her friend. Lauren is her friend when she’s on Ecstasy. Lauren overhears that last part and freaks right out and locks herself in the coat closet.


Shane and Amy’s attempts to to talk her down are interrupted by yet another call to Amy from Karma. Amy’s finally had enough and tells Karma she can’t carry her baggage and she needs to sort out her own mess.


This frees her to finally, finally! join DJ Cater-Waiter in the DJ booth. DJ’s real name is Reagan. That is not a girl’s name anywhere other than The Exorcist.


Lauren has nested in everyone’s coats and gets a call from Theo which she takes because she awesomely refuses to let him get away with a Friday night phone call which he expects to go to voice mail. She mentions being on E and Theo mounts up.

Art show. Liam squeezes out the word “girlfriend”. It’s in the context of an art piece. Liam and Karma conversate and are mistaken for art. Kill me. After the commercial they talk it out and pinky swear to be better people.

Theo arrives at the rave (do the kids still call them raves?) but before he can explain why he’s applied the brakes Lauren cuts him off and asks to be taken home. She clambers onto his back and piggy rides him out.

Ep. 206 Theo and Lauren

Shane watches them go and also clocks Reagan and Amy before getting a nude selfie from Duke. Shane texts that he’s up for a booty call but while there’s yes in his text there’s no in his eyes.


Everyone’s back home and Amy calls Karma. They mutually apologize and Amy spills that she’s met a girl. Karma is all about it.

If MTV ordered a spinoff of The Lauren Show I would be ALL. OVER. IT. She started off as such a typical two-dimensional character and has morphed into a rounded character with depth and interest. While her intersex status contributes to that it’s already become so much more than a check box for the creators to tick off.

I am also eagerly looking forward to seeing how the Shane/Duke story develops. It looks like Shane is already getting tired of the idea of a closeted boyfriend/”F” buddy Duke’s locale (Texas) and occupation (MMA fighter) lend themselves to a compelling coming out narrative. The conflict between Shane’s out loud and proud worldview and Duke’s sense of self-preservation could be fascinating.