Right-Wing Hate Group Threatens “Bloodbath” At Kiev Pride

Organizers of the march remain defiant under threat of violence.

Members of the neo-Nazi hate group Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) have once again threatened violence at the Kiev Pride march planned in the Ukrainian capital later this month, promising a “bloodbath” in the city center for any pro-LGBT revelers in attendance.

The group, which is backed by the Ukraine Orthodox Church, hopes to repeat the type of chaos they inflicted at last year’s Pride march, where police were forced to disperse pro-LGBT revelers as members of the OUN violently descended on marchers with a show of force (below).

“Our colleagues from the OUN movement have released a strong statement about the gay march in Kiev. In short, on June 12, there will be a bloodbath in Kiev,” the organization’s spokesman, Artem Skoropadsky, wrote on his Facebook. “The organizers of the march still have time not to hold the march.”

KIEV, UKRAINE - JUNE 7: A protestor is taken into custody by police during a gay pride march in Ukraine's capital Kiev, on June 7, 2015. At least 9 police were injured and more than 20 arrested on June 6, 2015 in Kiev as scuffles broke out between members of a rare Ukrainian gay pride march and their nationalist opponents. (Photo by Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A separate statement from the organization itself reads: “Today, we are forced to accept LGBT marches and festivals, and thus join the ranks of sinners and those who cover them. Who is going to be equated on this Sabbath? Immoral freaks, clowns and degenerates will be equated with those who have honor and dignity, respect and love for their neighbor, soldiers who gave their lives and health protecting peace in the country?”

Despite the threat of violence, organizers of Kiev Pride will likely decide to move forward with the festivities.

The organization posted an interview with Ukraine Department of Public Communications director Marina Honda yesterday, wherein she assures “we do not want a repetition of 2015” and that police will be on hand to make sure the events happen safely.

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