Rihanna “Pour It Up” Music Video: Ri Ri Is A Twerk Monster

Rihanna has just released the music video for her new single “Pour It Up,” and this sexy little video features our favorite Bajan lady getting her twerk on like you have never seen before. She’s twerkin’ in the water, twerkin’ on a chair, twerkin’ upside down, twerkin’ everywhere.

So take a look above at Rihanna, who looks stunning of course, as she basically becomes a twerk monster. Albeit, a twerk monster in Chanel and some sizable pearls.

As for that throne Ri Ri is occupying in the video, it is definitely giving us some Scarface vibes, and making us realize how much better that movie would have been if Michelle Pfeiffer, and not Al Pacino, was running shit.

Or, better yet, if Rihanna was running shit.