#RIHANNAING: Your Newest Stupid Internet Craze

This is a thing.

This is a thing.

Ever since Rihanna wore an Ottawa Senators jersey out to a club last week, Canucks have been going cuckoo bananas for Riri’s bold fashion choice, pulled straight from a lookbook of my middle school circa 1996.

Of all people, Rihanna has been able to do what so many gay guys can only accomplish in their dreams: convincing (presumably) straight, male hockey fans to go pantsless. That’s right, it’s called #rihanna-ing, a sort of Angeline-Jolie-meets-Wayne-Gretzky internet trend that has resulted in pantsless Senators fanatics wearing nothing but a hockey jersey and their bare-legged gams.

Sure, women are doing it, too, but you don’t care. Long live #rihannaing, especially if you’re a leg guy!

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