Rihanna’s 777 Tour – Exclusive Paris After Party Pictures

Welcome to Rihanna’s #777 Tour Blog: Day 5, I’m Your Host, Shawn Hollenbach and this is my co-host, #CardboardRuPaul

The sleep deprivation continues, but the concerts and partying goes on..

PUN ALERT: Last night we got an Eiffel of Rihanna.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Our fatigued group of 777 Touristers went to downtown Paris for her shorter version of the show. It was cut due to the noise ordinances in the nabe.

Even though it was a shorter set, the energy was huge and she served serious face. At the after party, I heard from guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt (of Extreme, ’More Than Words’ fame) that the band was bummed because some of their favorite songs got the Parisian Ax.

I was intent on going home after one drink, especially after the Stockholm incident, but someone at the label told me I should stick around to get some photos of Rihanna. So, after a few more drinks and a French version of a Capri Ultralight 120 cigarette, Ri stomped in with her entourage that included Diddy, Omarion, Akon, Pherrell.

The crowd quickly swooped behind Rihanna’s crew and made a huge spectacle that one of the gals on the tour called “gross.” Every plastic-faced Parisian Real Housewife and video ho type showed up in the VIP section. Luckily, we did not let those hanger-ons get in our way of journalism..

We’re happy to report that we have the exclusive photos no one was brave enough to show!


Oh la la, a French VIP section!

Rihanna and I are so close, in proximity.

Puff Daddy Sean Combs Diddy Drinks Paris Rihanna

Blurry Diddy pic Paris Rihanna Scandal
Watch out paparazzi… for celebrities, because I am no risk to your jobs.

I decided to jet, when one of the 6 foot 4 security guards swatted my brand new iPhone out of the way while I was trying to, oh ya know take pictures which is the reason I’m on this crazy train! Getting a cab was impossible in Paris with all French bros the leaving the scene. Now I understand why douche is a French term.

I was eventually dropped at the Arc de Triomphe and snapped a picture with #CarboardRuPaul, the one who has been by my side this whole trip. We then sashayed away to the hotel, to sleep and prepare for London.

RuPaul Paris Arc de Triomphe

je m’appelle RuPaul!

Come back tomorrow for more behind the scenes of Rihanna’s #777Tour.

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