Rihanna’s 777 Tour: SHE SPEAKS! (For A Minute Before We Land In NYC)

In the wake of Naked-Aussie-gate on the Rihanna 777 Tour plane, we grew even more weary on the long commute to our beautiful hotel in London at the Grosvenor House. It seemed that Team 777 Tour was on the verge of mental break downs at our hotel check-in. Grim faces and zombie-like figures trying to use the proper pleasantries when greeted by the hotel clerk. Is it “Bonjour?”… “Buenos Dias?”… WHERE THE F*CK ARE WE?

If you’re keeping track, I think most of us got enough sleep for one lazy Saturday over the course of one week, albeit only 3 of those hours were horizontal. At one point, I did an interview about my time on the trip thus far, and the interviewers asked me straight out if I was drunk… and I wasn’t. But it did kind of sound like it,  you can listen to it here.

We had to check our luggage in London at 3:45pm in order for us to take off on time. Unfortunately, I put my VIP lanyard in my checked luggage, which made covering the London show a bit of a challenge with angles for photos, hence this fantastic shot:

Not quite the best seat in the house.

Rihanna was beloved by the cockney crowd and she ended another night by beginning another grueling commute, this time to New York City.

We left London at 3am-ish. We didn’t board the plane for New York until 8am. Which meant the 3:45pm check-in had done absolutely nothing but create crappy photos. Exhausted from waiting for our boarding call, I took a little nap with Ru.

Photo: Credit Claire aka Finger Tips (http://instagram.com/itsfingertips)

We finally got on the plane, an MTV Latin America VJ started posting these all over:

MTV Latin America put up these signs on day 6 of the 777 Tour

This may have been the reason Rihanna had her first press conference (that’s right, at the end of day 6 she held her FIRST press conference) on the plane… 3 minutes before we landed. When asked, Rihanna said, “I would do this again.” My head almost exploded as I realized, she probably isn’t aware of the conditions of the tour outside of her bubble.

Now, I’m back home in New York, and excited to see the last show. Hopefully, I won’t pass out from exhaustion at it, but if so, I’ll have Cardboard RuPaul by my side to keep me company.


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