RIP Eileen Brennan: Flawless Photos Of The Perfect Peacock


UPDATE: Parent network Logo will show the Best. Movie Ever: Clue in tribute to Eileen Brennan tomorrow (Wednesday) at 0/8c. 

Wave your peacock feathers high, because legendary character actress Eileen Brennan has passed away at age 80. She was Oscar-nominated for her flawless, hilarious work as Captain Lewis in Private Benjamin (a role and movie that Jane Lynch has professed to watching and studying obsessively), and she worked her gritty comic chops in At Long Last Love (!), The Cheap Detective, Murder By Death, and the unofficial, way-way-better sequel to Murder By Death, Clue, where she played the most brazenly addle-brained board game character of all time. Plus, if you’re into dramas, she starred in two of the most definitive, rustic classics of the ’70s: The Last Picture Show and The Sting.

She also picked up an Emmy for reprising her Private Benjamin role in its subsequent television series. Brennan was also known for roles on Taxi, Newhart, thirtysomething, and Will & Grace. It’s a very impressive filmography for a woman who had to make a tough comeback after a debilitating car accident in 1982.

Thankfully it’s easy to honor Brennan in just a few quick slides since she was such a striking and commanding actress. Here are just a few examples of Brennan giving tremendous face. R.I.P. Eileen Brennan. Let’s all sing “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow” as she backs slowly out of the mansion with the revolver.


In The Sting


In The Last Picture Show


In Clue


In At Long Last Love with fellow actress Cybill Shepherd and fellow supernova Madeline Kahn.


The essential Mrs. Peacock GIF. Thank you to the fabulous Tumblr of TrixieDelight.

Share your memories of Eileen Brennan and her work below, and if you haven’t seen it in awhile be sure and catch Logo’s airing of Clue tomorrow night at 9/8c!