Rita Ora Decided To Cover Adele’s “Hello”… In An Invented Language

"Schwayayamina hola sadeemah."

From Joe Jonas’ Halloween-themed version to a Seoul high school student’s viral take, Adele’s “Hello” is easily the most covered track of the last two weeks – and likely for the foreseeable future if not for eternity.

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Next up to bat is fellow Brit Rita Ora, who stopped by Capital FM’s studios with English duo Sigma to promote their joint collaboration, “Coming Home.”

Known on the show as The Queen of Instaoke for her covers of Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Nelly and Kelly, Ora was tasked with replicating the vocals of one of the greatest singers of her generation. No big deal.

She warmed herself up covering Drake’s “Hotline Bling” before seguing into the power ballad.

Sensibly nervous about her vocal prowess laid over Adele’s, Ora decided to “rap it in a different language.” Why? We’ll never know.

Presented, without commentary, Rita Ora’s “Hello.”