This “Riverdale” Heartthrob Loves That His Nipples Turned You Gay

Watch Chad Michael Murray read your thirstiest tweets!

If you agree that “Chad Michael Murray and orgasm belong under the same term in the dictionary,” keep reading.

Murray recently sat down for Buzzfeed to read some of your thirstiest tweets, which honor both his teen heartthrob past and current “daddy” status as cult leader Edgar Evernever in the CW’s Riverdale.

CMM was fodder for many fantasies in the aughts while appearing in Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, and One Tree Hill. He also starred in movies like Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story, and House of Wax.

One Tree Hill/The WB

“If you’re going to tell me Chad Michael Murray wasn’t your childhood crush I don’t want to be friends with a liar,” one fan tweeted.

“Chad Michael Murray’s 2005 nipples turned me gay,” wrote another, ignoring the basic laws of sexuality for the sake of hyperbolic Twitter stan culture. “Have they changed since 2005?” Murray wonders. “Cool, man. I’m glad I paved the path. Appreciate it, brother. I get credit.”

“I’m proud to say that I was your Madonna,” he tells yet another thirsty tweeter, explaining that Madonna provided his own sexual awakening.

One fan tweets about how nice it is “that Riverdale brought a shirtless Chad Michael Murray back onto our screens.”

“I thought, ‘when in Rome,’” says the 37-year-old father of two, referring to oft-shirtless young co-stars like KJ Apa. “Everyone else was doing it. You gotta fit in. It’s kinda not fair, right? Now competing with a bunch of 20-year-old guys who can, you know, eat, like, 30 hamburgers and not gain a pound and still have a 10-pack.”

He also reveals the secret to his enviable jawline: daily chin-ups.

Drink it all in below.

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