The Second Annual Slash vs. Femslash Grudge Match!


Hey folks, maybe you weren’t aware, but while we were putting on our Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament last month, our sisters over at were running their own Ultimate Femslash tournament. And just like last year we’re holding a special grudge match. Call it a #SlashOff.  We want to know: in a barroom brawl would our Slash Madness winner (Supernatural’s Destiel) win out over Femslash Madness winner Rizzles?

Before you blithely say “But of course!” remember that last year’s grudge match had lady fave Faberry from Glee handily beating our champion slash couple,  Sterek from Teen Wolf.  We’d really like to see a different result this year so come on guys, let’s give those subtext-laden ladies from Rizzoli & Isles a run for their money!

The poll below will be open through Saturday September 7 at 11:59pm. AfterEllen has posted the exact same poll here. You can vote once per hour.

Happy voting! And please help us call out the Destiel troops on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Hashtag #SlashOff.  We really want to win this year’s grudge match. Those ladies over at AfterEllen like to gloat.