Rob Gronkowski Reads Erotic Fan Fiction About Himself At Press Conference

Rob Gronkowski getting rid of the underwear too.

We know some of you have naughty thoughts about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. And you’re not alone.

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Yesterday at Super Bowl Media Day in Arizona, a nervy reporter asked Gronk to read aloud from “A Gronking To Remember,” a risqué piece of erotica written by Gronkhead Lacey Noonan. We were more surprised Rob had heard of the book than by his agreeing to read from it. (He doesn’t strike us as the shy type.)


In the Vine below, you can see Gronkowksi narrate a passage detailing how, “In front of the entire country, Gronk’s spike impacts right between my buttcheeks.”

If this is some sneaky way to get us to care about the Super Bowl, then mission accomplished! Rob’s singing, however, doesn’t make us more excited for Katy Perry.

h/t: MTV News

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