4 Reasons We Can’t Wait for ‘Prosecuting Casey Anthony’

Oh, Lifetime movies! You made camp into a sponsored art form with such classics as; Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, Fifteen and Pregnant, and the newest entry into the hall of fame, Liz and Dick. This Saturday, January 19th at 8pm, there will be an all new Lifetime Original movie staring multi-decade hottie, Rob Lowe entitled, Prosecuting Casey Anthony that we are sure is destined for LMN rerun glory. While the story of Caylee Anthony’s death and her mother’s media-frenzied trial was gut wrenching to watch play out in real-life, we hope the movie will give us some great moments of entertainment such as:

1. The images for the show have Rob Lowe in front of walls covered in papers tracing the case. We can only infer that there will be a Carrie from Homeland style breakdown during his obsessive investigation.

Can Rob Lowe pull off a Claire Danes lip quiver?

2. The song “Mad World” plays during the trailer, perhaps this indicates a thought-provoking montage where Rob Lowe struggles with the case while Casey is having hunks do body shots off of her.

3. Oscar Nunez, who plays the gay accountant on NBC’s The Office is in it. Perhaps the stress of the case will be all too much and Rob Lowe and Oscar Nunez will find comfort in one another’s arms.
4. Rob Lowe gets so frustrated with the case he’ll go jogging shirtless, because I mean, come on:


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