Robert Gant Dances Like A Lion, Misha Collins Teabagged by Wall Street: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Jussie Smollett teams up with Michael Sam, Dominic Cooper Dumps Haley Atwell

Jussie Smollett supports Michael Sam’s foundation

Stuart Hatton Jr. is the kind of giant geeky ginger mess I like to find in my bed in the morning

Just being tourists

A day filled with History and Coffee. #CasualSaturday #britishmuseum #History #Coffee

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More straight boys should hold hands

That can’t be a wrap, can it?

farewell vancouver. we definitely showed you how it's done.

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Anywhere is better when Charlie Williams arrives

San Diego is way cooler now that my guy and his sparkly toes are here. @charlesglynn

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Is he making a film or just viewing them?

The #DuelClub team. Honored to be included #catalinafilm

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Lee took his mother to the State Dinner at the White House, and she looked lovely

So Men’s Health has Colton Haynes and it’s about his clothes, and not his body?

He could get a cameo in Zoolander 2

I could get into shirtless barbers

Barber shop is open. I wouldn't be anything without these boys. love them so much:. @frason1

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Dominic needs to be nice to Haley. He’s acting like Howard Stark

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Is Antony Cotton appointed the gay tour guide to all newly out celebrities in the UK? Is it like an official title?

Most people’s favorite statue is in Paris, or Rome, but Robert loves Culver City

Helllllooo, sailor

Cage fighting is barely removed from gay sex, so you’d probably be a natural

Pretty much explains what Wall Street does to us all these days

I’m guessing he celebrates victories in battle at The Eagle?

Well, if I have to choose…

In honor of Batman Day, here are some sexy Batman cosplays

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