Robert Pattinson Would Totally Go Gay

Robert Pattinson, like 99% of America, seems to be incredibly excited about the end of the Twilight series, but he is not completely ruling out another film yet.

Pattsinson and pal Taylor Lautner taped an appearance on Ellen where Robbie talked about what could get him to do another Twilight film. And it is looking like adding the Avengers or making Edward gay are the only two things that would work. That’s right folks, R. Patz is looking to participate in some man love.

The actor told Ellen DeGeneres, “I was also thinking another way to do [an additional film] would be to make it look like Will and Grace, where Edward turns gay.”

He went on to say his character would remain with Kristen Stewart’s character, and continue to raise their daughter. What a great fake movie parent.

Now we really can’t sit through any of these Twilight films, sorry tweens, but if R. Patz was getting steamy with some other dudes we MAY be able to get onboard.

Maybe Taylor is game too?

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