Meet The Suitors Looking For Love On Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming”

We've got a heart-on for these sexy bachelors.

Love is in the air as Logo readies its newest original series, Finding Prince Charming, for its September 8 premiere.

Interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr. is the titular “prince,” searching for the man of his dreams, with some help from host Lance Bass.

Born in Puerto Rico, 33-year-old Sepulveda live in Atlanta, where his design firm specializes in luxury residential and commercial spaces. He also founded the Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks, a local LGBT campaign to advance diversity and equality through public art and community outreach.

Below, meet the 13 suitors competing for Robert’s favor.

Brandon (Livonia, MI)

finding prince charming
Brandon’s a healthcare administrator looking for someone ambitious who can keep up.

Brodney (Atlanta, GA)

finding prince charming
A confident personal trainer who considers himself as “a true Libra,” Brodney values balance in his life.

Chad (New York, NY)

finding prince charming
This Big Apple gay has worn many hats, but is now focused on real estate. His interests include geography, culture and animals.

Charlie (Eau Claire, WI)

finding prince charming
Quirky and creative, Charlie is a manny who’s been single for 26 years. He’s looking to spend some time with Prince Charming in his cabin in Wisconsin.

Danique (Atlanta, GA)

finding prince charming
Looking for someone who works hard and plays hard, this Atlanta business analyst has been single for 11 years.

Dillon (New Orleans, LA)

finding prince charming
After two decades in ballet, Dillon started his own business as a designer and publicist at the age of 25. He can be the life of the party, but he still hopes to settle down and get cozy.

Eric (Houston, TX)

finding prince charming
An LA-based hair stylist, Eric places a high value on family—especially after resolving his own family’s issues over his sexuality. He gets a huge kick out of flirting, and is ready to play the game.

Jasen (Emerson, NJ)

finding prince charming
This celebrity makeup artist isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Jasen is a pro at the dating apps, but says he’ll only take a relationship to the next level if it feels like love.

Justin (Portland, OR)

finding prince charming
This West Coast hunk is a model and project manager who’s hungry for life experience and ready to win Prince Charming’s heart.

Nick (Hamilton, NJ)

finding prince charming
This Jersey Boy is OVER the dating scene and dreams of becoming a husband and father. An event planner, he’s been single for six years and had some hilariously epic dating fails recently.

Paul (San Clemente, CA)

Paul is a driven businessman who’s built a career he’s in love with as the founder of his own company. He also loves meeting new people and can adapt to any situation—even competing for a man’s heart.

Robby (Bradford, MA)

A beauty expert who has worked with Britney Spears and Lana Del Rey, Robby likes to see the glass as half full, even if it means he sometimes ends up in way over his head.

Sam (Saint John, IN)

finding prince charming
This Midwesterner started his own fitness company—Sam says beneath his formal demeanor, he’s a total sweetheart ready for something real.

Finding Prince Charming premieres Thursday, September 8, at 9/8c on Logo.

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.