Robert Wilson Makes Lady Gaga Literal Work Of Art, Hangs Her In The Louvre

Lady Gaga told us she was going to fuse art and pop music, so we shouldn’t be surprised: On Thursday, Gaga tweeted that artist/theater director Robert Wilson had grafted her likeness into a series of legendary works of art.

In Living Rooms, Wilson shows a 50-minute video installation of Gaga inserted into Andrew Solari’s The Head of John the Baptist on a Charger (1507), Jacques-Louis David’s The Death of Marat (1793) and other notable works. The original Marat depicts the French revolutionary dead in his tub after being murdered by a scorned lover.

Gaga has already partnered with performance-art queen Marina Abramovic and Pop Art master Jeff Koons, who created a sculpture of Mother Monster for the cover of ARTPOP.

So is she feeding her ego by shoehorning herself into the world’s most famous art museum—or is this a Warholian deconstruction of crass commercialization?

Can we get some art-crit up in here?

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Photo: Getty Images

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