If Hollywood’s Most Romantic Movies Were Gay

We'll never look at these movies the same way again.

Over the years, Hollywood has provided us with some truly iconic images of romance. From the raised boombox of Say Anything to the sensual pottery making of Ghost, these cinematic moments capture the imagination and, most importantly, the heart.

Unfortunately, few if any of these scenes feature LGBT couples. To remedy this situation, a group of queer pals teamed up to put a fresh spin on these classic moments.

The video was produced by James and John, a comedic duo based out of Los Angeles. Together, the real-life couple reenacted some of their favorite movie romances, complete with plenty of gay-specific innuendo.

Here, the cue cards from Love Actually are all about a lost Grindr hookup and the fish tank scene from Romeo + Juliet becomes something slightly more scandalous.

Check out all the moments below.

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