Next Stop: Rome’s Gay Beach

Il Buco beach goer and dogThere are plenty of reasons to go to Rome in the summer — the sightseeing, the food, the Vatican-adjacent gay bathhouse — but the bad news about the eternal city around June, July, August: it’s blindingly, wretchedly HOT & humid. Inferno-style.

Take a look at these gays who took shelter in their room to escape the heat of sightseeing around Rome in summertime:

So after you hit the sights — and you really shouldn’t miss the Pantheon, Villa Borghese, Vatican, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Ice Cream Bears — take a day-long break from the steamy cauldron, and do what the Roman gays do, head out to the beach!

The one to hit to is Il Buco (aka “the hole” in English) inside the surprisingly tranquil Capocotta Nature Reserve. Just south of the Lido di Ostia, this free gay beach isn’t the easiest place to find for non-native speakers — it involves a short local train ride followed by a local bus ride — but it’s an excellent spot, and very popular with the younger local gays. We’re talking everyone from the Ducati-driving tanned muscle dudes, to sexy twinks on Vespas…with a few husky bears and even a fighter pilot or two from the nearby base thrown in. SO the hassle of the hour commute out there will be worth it. Did I mention it’s a clothing optional beach?

Look for the rainbow flags

Yup, keep your eyes peeled for the rainbow flags

Last note, to be clear, this is not a fancy spot with great facilities, it’s very local and fairly bare bones (there’s a concession stand or two and maybe an umbrella rental operation). So bring all the amenities you think you’ll want for the entire day. Or make fast friends with a cute local who has a scooter and you can hop off to Lido di Ostia for supplies…or dinner.

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